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OBAMA risks police interrogation in Sweden + All Wars are Bankers’ Wars

Thank god, there are committed activists who manage to create organisations with paid staff and gain international authority! The BRussells Tribunal is one such organisation – with Iraq at its heart. Here it reports about a Swedish MD who filed … Continue reading

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US Embassy in Iraq Largest, most Expensive Ever

January 5, 2009, Fox News After much delay the United States opened its new $700 million embassy in Iraq on Monday, inaugurating the largest — and most expensive — embassy ever built. The compound is six times larger than the … Continue reading

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Naomi Klein: Big Oil’s Iraq deals are the greatest stick-up in history

With thanks to David Weston: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2008/jul/04/oil.oilandgascompanies Big Oil’s Iraq deals are the greatest stick-up in history The country’s invaders should be paying billions in reparations not using the war as a reason to pillage its richest resource Naomi Klein, The … Continue reading

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The New Immorality of War

Thanks to David Soori: Published on Monday, May 5, 2008 by The Boston Globe The New Immorality of Iraq War by James Carroll Insanity is defined as repeating one mistaken action again and again, each time expecting a better result … Continue reading

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Western leaders are war criminals

Thanks to David Weston, Democracy for a Change: ‘Western Leaders Are War Criminals’ Former PM of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad calls for Western leaders to be charged with war crimes By Mick Meaney Global Research, April 26, 2008 rinf.com The former … Continue reading

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