From the Bombing of Dresden to a ‘Peace Network’ in London

On February 13, 1945, my mum was 22 and I was 4 months old. Can you imagine what she may have felt when she was in that inferno of bombs, flames and smoke with her first baby – while my father was somewhere ‘in the war’?

Eventually she had walked long enough and far enough with her pram, and my father had swum through the Elbe river to become an American rather than a Russian POW.

Thus I grew up as a refugee thinking I’d never see the house where I was born. But, surprise, surprise, the Berlin wall fell and in 1992 I saw what my mum had talked about: Silesia – that romantic combination of mountains and coal – then German, but Polish since the war.

60 years later, the Frauenkirche in Dresden has been restored. And the son of one of the UK bombers donated the font for baptisms.

In 1973, the Anglo-German Foundation for the Study of Industrial Society was set up. Their latest publication is entitled “The British Banking System: A good role model for Germany?” In brief, the answer is NO.

In 1944, Labour MP Norman Smith supposedly said “There is always enough money for war, but never enough for health and education.”

This site is about highlighting systemic reasons for this discrepancy.

3 Responses to From the Bombing of Dresden to a ‘Peace Network’ in London

  1. Steve says:

    Thank you for the information bombs. The truth will set us free, but first it will piss us off, is my view.

    Anyway, will be back to ‘get bombed’ again, thanks!

  2. Steve

    I never thanked you for your comment. Yes, it is strange how the truth sets us free, one individual at a time. Fortunately, the web helps along that process, doesn’t it!

    Hope you come back for your ‘bombing’ again!


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