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OBAMA risks police interrogation in Sweden + All Wars are Bankers’ Wars

Thank god, there are committed activists who manage to create organisations with paid staff and gain international authority! The BRussells Tribunal is one such organisation – with Iraq at its heart. Here it reports about a Swedish MD who filed … Continue reading

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Law suit against 4 US Presidents & 4 UK Prime Ministers dismissed

The Brussells Tribunal is a group of people questioning the New Imperial World Order. Regarding the Iraq War, they filed one court case in Spain. When it was found that there was no reason to investigate, a Professor of Law … Continue reading

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Martial Law Preparations in USA

This article that I got as Electronz Ezine 859 is extremely painful to read for me as a German. I used to blush every time I had to say to a Jew that I was German and I had to … Continue reading

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War Profits for Democracy in the US

War profits taint the greedy hands of more than 25% of members of the US House and Senate! By Rev. Richard Skaff Global Research, May 7, 2008 What do war, Congressmen, Senators, and the defense/offense industry have in common? The … Continue reading

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