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4 Responses to Write in my Guestbook!

  1. Mads Singers says:

    Great site you have here, keep “Bomb”‘ing the world 😉

  2. Chris says:

    Was deeply moved by your article.

    Those that make war (the money men) rely upon the ignorance of the masses to get away with it. The only victors in a conflict are those that finance it, the generals and smug politicians, everyone else looses.

    We pay taxes ultimately to the banksters by consent, we obey silly “Statute” laws by consent, we also go to war by consent. If there was a war and nobody turned up, what would they do?

    Wars are fought by forgotten heroes for lost causes. Britain and Germany fought two world wars; millions were killed or physically or mentally injured, but who ultimately gained out of the carnage? The ordinary innocent people that had to fight it – no. The only people that gained were those that financed the conflicts; the same people that are currently deliberately creating financial meltdown and mayhem in preparation for yet another war. This time with Iran!

    As the old song says “when will they ever learn?” It’s time people awoke and discovered whose really behind the many conflicts. Simply follow the money trail and the answer becomes clear!

  3. Attila Kupi says:

    Hi! Great work! Sad a last 100 years this planet has war for just profit. I see ordenery people has more hi IQ like those in TV we see sadly every day!

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