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“KENGATE” – BEN FELLOWS in exile for fear of state prosecution – dots between #childsnatchuk & #paedobritain

This is a detailed statement by Ben Fellows who has been silent for six months after his allegations against Kenneth Clarke. His allegations include the Prime Minister over tapes as evidence. Ben wants to stop the organised sexual abuse that … Continue reading

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The Savile bomb continues to explode: he was part of a Satanic ring

I would never have thought that child snatching would lead me to paedophilia. Paedophiles use ‘our little secret’ not only to groom their victims but also among each other. That paedophilia could lead me further to satanism – as the secret … Continue reading

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Unbelievable but true: German lawyer accuses Merkel of not warning about false flag attack next Sunday

The horrors that nasty people commit tend to blow our minds, even if we’re open to new ideas, information and experiences. For me, this has been true whenever I studied the stories of victims of white collar crimes in the … Continue reading

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