The Peace Museum in Bradford

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Roslyn Cook sends good news

Civilisation 3000

Roslyncontinues to work for the abolition of nuclear weapons – and a treaty to ban them – wearing more than one ‘hat’.

roslyn cook 2 world court projectShe is an active member of ICAN, a global campaign coalition launched in 2007 by International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, which works to mobilize people in all countries to inspire, persuade and pressure their governments to initiate and support negotiations for a treaty banning nuclear weapons. ICAN now has more than 400 partner organizations in 95 countries.

Next year, governments will start substantive discussions on creating new law on nuclear weapons in Geneva.

un_general_assembly_hall3 best

An ICAN press release informs us that on December 7th at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, governments adopted a resolution that will convene talks in Geneva in 2016 to develop new law on nuclear weapons. The resolution presented by Mexico received the support of two-thirds of…

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@1worldcitizen #WWIII #Banksters We, the West: the US, the UK and Israel are the Biggest #Terrorists on the Planet

We Who Oppose Deception

Former US Veteran Ken O’Keefe is passionate about Syria as the War of Deception and calls a spade a spade:

  • we have destroyed so many countries;
  • we have tortured, killed, maimed and raped around this planet;
  • we don’t have International Law; we only have the law of the jungle where the rich and powerful determine what does and what doesn’t go;
  • that is the bankers: they control the money supply;
  • the script is: we need another war;
  • the US have never been interested in anything other than war;
  • it’s a repeat of Iraq 2.0;
  • the Greater Israel Project is the menu
  • I hope that high-ups in the US military will refuse to follow these orders!

His website:

His blog:

The full story on PRESSTV:

Let’s hope that more and more people ARE thinking for themselves and will NOT join this war.

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The Dirty #War on #Syria – Who needs it? Who benefits? Whose Motivations? What Intentions?

We Who Oppose Deception

By Prof. Tim Anderson
Global Research, November 27, 2015
Region: Middle East & North Africa
Theme: US NATO War Agenda
In-depth Report: SYRIA: NATO’S NEXT WAR?

The following text is the introductory chapter of  Professor Tim Anderson’s forthcoming book entitled The Dirty War on Syria

Although every war makes ample use of lies and deception, the dirty war on Syria has relied on a level of mass disinformation not seen in living memory. The British-Australian journalist Philip Knightley pointed out that war propaganda typically involves ‘a depressingly predictable pattern’ of demonising the enemy leader, then demonising the enemy people through atrocity stories, real or imagined (Knightley 2001). Accordingly, a mild-mannered eye doctor called Bashar al Assad became the new evil in the world and, according to consistent western media reports, the Syrian Army did nothing but kill civilians for more than four years. To this day, many imagine…

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The Remembrance, by Jake Thackray

In 1981 I came to London with the vision of a ‘Peace Network’ of people and computers, protecting our planet…

Civilisation 3000


Pam from Stourbridge writes, “Thanks forthe latest offering from Civilisation 3000.

“Please would you watch this Youtube? It’s a version of a song by one of my heroes, Jake Thackray, and here it’s sung by a 16year old boy, Will Thompson, accompanying himself on the guitar. I think he may have put the whole thing together himself. I’ve also heard him sing it live, and it sends shivers down my spine every time, especially the following words:

“how we all looked up to see the curious face of the enemy:
Who was young, and shabby, and seemed to be
About as foreign as you or me”

remembrance day jake thackrayblair

“All the experience of the varied military action taken by the west in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya shows that such interventions kill innocents, destroy infrastructure and fragment societies, and in the process spread bitterness and violence”. (Letter to The…

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We will remember them – and those who sent them to their death

Civilisation 3000

tower london poppies


Soldier Harry Patch:

 harry patch quote


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