@1worldcitizen #WWIII #Banksters We, the West: the US, the UK and Israel are the Biggest #Terrorists on the Planet

We Who Oppose Deception

Former US Veteran Ken O’Keefe is passionate about Syria as the War of Deception and calls a spade a spade:

  • we have destroyed so many countries;
  • we have tortured, killed, maimed and raped around this planet;
  • we don’t have International Law; we only have the law of the jungle where the rich and powerful determine what does and what doesn’t go;
  • that is the bankers: they control the money supply;
  • the script is: we need another war;
  • the US have never been interested in anything other than war;
  • it’s a repeat of Iraq 2.0;
  • the Greater Israel Project is the menu
  • I hope that high-ups in the US military will refuse to follow these orders!

His website: http://worldcitizen.uk.net/oldsite/index.html

His blog: https://kenokeefe.wordpress.com

The full story on PRESSTV:

Let’s hope that more and more people ARE thinking for themselves and will NOT join this war.

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