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#WAR against the people: #Mailonline about #FionaWoolf #energybills #CSAinquiry #UKsoldiers #Afghanistan

This is a remarkable compilation of Daily Mail articles: http:// So was this ANOTHER party with Leon Brittan you forgot, Mrs Woolf?: Pressure grows on beleaguered sex abuse inquiry chief to resign… as Mail on Sunday uncovers new link … Continue reading

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“PARDON US for our Country’s Existence in the Middle of your #MilitaryBases” – UN speech by Russian Foreign Minister

The title says it all: “PARDON US for our Country’s Existence in the Middle of your #MilitaryBases” – the United Nations speech by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on 27 September 2014. I just wish I could reblog this brilliant article on … Continue reading

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OBAMA risks police interrogation in Sweden + All Wars are Bankers’ Wars

Thank god, there are committed activists who manage to create organisations with paid staff and gain international authority! The BRussells Tribunal is one such organisation – with Iraq at its heart. Here it reports about a Swedish MD who filed … Continue reading

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INTERNATIONAL TREATIES re Wars and Children: what’s their point when they are being violated?

After the world wars, people in ‘authoritative organisations’ got together to make war a crime against humanity: the Briand-Kellogg Pact in 1929 the Nuremberg Trials in 1945/6 by the United Nations in 1970 Despite that, illegal wars are being fought … Continue reading

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Thoughts regarding the 68th Anniversary of the Bombing of Dresden

How do I feel ‘bragging’ about the fact that my mum saved me from the bombings of Dresden? I am glad to have ‘e-met’ Chris Powis whose father was a WWII-Veteran with a heart and conscience with whom I can share … Continue reading

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$1,750bn spent for wars in 2012, $170bn would be needed to eradicate poverty…

The web does give us all the info we need to make certain points and the images to go with it! This Facebook page is full of wonderful photos and images that serve as wake-up calls. I ‘met’ its author … Continue reading

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Soldier Lions led to Afghanistan by Political Donkeys: Early Day Motion by Paul Flynn MP

A very explicit Early Day Motion (EDM) by Paul Flynn MP: That this House regrets the failure of the Government to list the present perils of the Afghanistan situation in its bland, self-deluding September statement; notes that it ignores … Continue reading

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