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INTERNATIONAL TREATIES re Wars and Children: what’s their point when they are being violated?

After the world wars, people in ‘authoritative organisations’ got together to make war a crime against humanity: the Briand-Kellogg Pact in 1929 the Nuremberg Trials in 1945/6 by the United Nations in 1970 Despite that, illegal wars are being fought … Continue reading

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Law suit against 4 US Presidents & 4 UK Prime Ministers dismissed

The Brussells Tribunal is a group of people questioning the New Imperial World Order. Regarding the Iraq War, they filed one court case in Spain. When it was found that there was no reason to investigate, a Professor of Law … Continue reading

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Tackling the oppression of HM Subjects

When the Bank of England was founded in 1694, the authors of the founding act knew that the resulting corporation might have the power to oppress Their Majesties’ subjects. Hence they foresaw a punishment. There are enough of us who … Continue reading

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Military may have to quell domestic violence from economic collapse

This report from a 20-year Army veteran and visiting professor at the US Army War College is definitely a ‘bomb’…

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Thousands of Troops are Deployed on US Streets to Carry out “Crowd Control”

Members of Congress were told they could face martial law if they didn’t pass the bailout bill. This will not be the last time. Rep. Brad Sherman, on the White House’s threat to install Martial Law (short video) ………………………………………………………. … Continue reading

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Western leaders are war criminals

Thanks to David Weston, Democracy for a Change: ‘Western Leaders Are War Criminals’ Former PM of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad calls for Western leaders to be charged with war crimes By Mick Meaney Global Research, April 26, 2008 The former … Continue reading

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McMafia – Criminals of this World, Unite!

Here is the review of a book that is worth understanding: the hidden costs of an unregulated free market. If only the author also understood the issue of creating currency as interest-bearing credit!…

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