INTERNATIONAL TREATIES re Wars and Children: what’s their point when they are being violated?

Map of those nations who ratified the Kellogg-...

Map of those nations who ratified the Kellogg-Briand Pact and their colonies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the world wars, people in ‘authoritative organisations’ got together to make war a crime against humanity:

  1. the Briand-Kellogg Pact in 1929
  2. the Nuremberg Trials in 1945/6
  3. by the United Nations in 1970

Despite that, illegal wars are being fought – with the sanction of the Judiciary – and children are the prime sufferers!

Similarly, the protection of children is enshrined in law:

  1. the Children Act 1989 – where it’s spelled out how Social Services SHOULD behave
  2. the European Convention on Human Rights – where the right for fair trials and family life are guaranteed
  3. the European Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Decisions concerning Custody of Children and on Restoration of Custody of Children – where it’s CLEAR that  Bailie should have been returned to Belgium
  4. the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child – where it’s CLEAR that the child SHOULD BE HEARD!

But who ensures that these ‘wonderful words’ are being adhered to???

Mind the Gap: between the Law and its Enforcement; that’s what Nigel Cooper whose daughter was abducted from Belgium and has been held against her will by Sunderland Council, has just been told by the Cabinet Office; i.e. we know the Law but we are not responsible; it’s the Judiciary who are independent (and above the law?)!

An introduction to Nigel Cooper is on his YouTube channel and in this video which he calls The Judgment:

His fight for justice and the well-being of his daughter covers many levels:


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3 Responses to INTERNATIONAL TREATIES re Wars and Children: what’s their point when they are being violated?

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  3. wakemanclare says:

    i have something to say how many years have children been screeming to be heard and asking to tell proffessionals what is going on well if children are not allowed to speak out then there going to be more deaths more children been told to hush hush by proffessionals well its time all those souls who have died through social workers and social services that they didnt have to die for nothing we all need to keep there memorys and souls alive by doing right

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