Thoughts regarding the 68th Anniversary of the Bombing of Dresden

The Pirnaischer Platz in February 1945, with t...

The Pirnaischer Platz in February 1945, with the Kaiserpalast ruins at the top of the picture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do I feel ‘bragging’ about the fact that my mum saved me from the bombings of Dresden?

  1. I am glad to have ‘e-met’ Chris Powis whose father was a WWII-Veteran with a heart and conscience with whom I can share the experiences of my parents that got imprinted on my thinking and feeling
  2. I feel proud of my mum and deeply sorry that she had to go through such a terrible experience
  3. I am reminded of her wonderful book of poems that she put together for her children – to illustrate what gave her strength when she needed it
  4. I used one of these sayings to announce her passing away:

If there is anything mightier than fate or destiny,
it is the character of the person who bears it unshakably. 


What’s the point of governments coming to international agreements when subsequent governments ignore them?

And I am glad to know Tony Gosling who interviews me once a week for his radio station and whose email triggered this post:

Failure of UK Stop War Coalition to Challenge the Lie at the Heart of War

1. I stand by the fact the STWC as a POLITICAL movement is fundamentally flawed – compromised in its ability to faithfully represent INDEPENDENTLY those Patriots who do not want Britain to resort to WAR as the first step in resolving disputes involving other SOVEREIGN jurisdictions.

2. In relation to “The War Against Terror” [“fool”] the same policy as adopted by the UK/US/Israel/EU is the very same policy that was adopted by HANNIBAL – the continuous use of FEAR and TERROR against his own people as the SURE means to ensure CONTINUOUS power over his own People – as leader of the Carthaginians [comprising the Empire that incorporated present day Egypt and the whole of north Africa].

3. If the False Flimsy Foundation on which the fool is based is NOT challenged as an EFFECTIVE FIRST STEP, the FALSE BASIS to UNLAWFULLY attack and destroy innocent peaceful men, women, and children of other SOVEREIGN jurisdictions will continue indefinitely.

4. Hence, the whole STWC is built on a complete TISSUE OF LIES.
If the FOUNDATION of the DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT is FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED – what hope is there for the indigenous people to understand the NARRATIVE and by extension the FALSE LOGIC promoting FALSE ARGUMENTS built on FALSE FOUNDATIONS!

5. Moeen clearly understands that if WTC7 [on 911-2001 (the date of the attack was predetermined – carefully co-ordinated, the outrage links to the fact the numbers deployed are not random, but have a clear nexus to the Occult)] came down by means of CONTROLLED DEMOLITION – then the WTC1 and WTC2 were also brought down by means of CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.

6. Obsama is a complete “red herring” to BLAME a SCAPEGOAT and hence blame ALL MUSLIMS in order to prosecute a WAR against ONE PEOPLE! [Giving Licence to TERRORIZE & create egregious FEAR among ALL people.

7. WHO BENEFITS? The POTUS & the Executive – DEVIOUSLY CLEVER [i.e. To pass any measure they determine as necessary to continue prosecuting a war with no REAL enemy no DEFINABLE Target/s – based on the GREATEST DISHONESTY and DECEIT OF ALL].

Is John Rees an Islamaphobe?
From today’s UK Stop The War conference
(by e-maul)
from Global Vision 2000
Moheen Yaseen wrote:

At a parallel session focussing on Islamophobia today at the STWC’s conference, “Confronting the War ten years on” there was an amazing revelation and public exchange of views between Moeen Yaseen the Managing Director of the independent Islamic think tank Global Vision 2000 and John Rees leading Marxist atheist doyen of Stop the War Coalition. Moeen Yaseen stated that he had issues with the movement which still have not been addressed nor on the agenda. He stated that it was good that some speakers such as Salma Yaqoob was using the term GWOT- the Global War OF Terror which Global Vision 2000 had promoted. However, if we are going to deal with Islamophobia we need to challenge the official narrative which accuses Muslims and Islam of being mass murderers and religious sponsored terrorism which is the basis of the ongoing war. The latest research documents that thermite i.e. military grade nuclear material was used in bringing down the twin towers. We need to ask ourselves who would benefit and like to continue a global war between Islam and Christianity? He also stated that these big lies are being continuously peddled now in the Hollywood film ZERO DARK 30 which focusses on the assassination of Osama bin Laden on May 2 2011. Yet he had died over a decade ago according to the late Pakistani premier Benazir Bhutto.

John Rees intervened and said that comrades in the movement need to take into account of another perspective. He stated that AL QAEDA was created by the USA and the Pakistani ISI to fight the former Soviet Union when it invaded Afghanistan. This movement under the leadership of Osama bin Laden moved in a new direction following the first Gulf War with the USA military presence in the Arabian peninsula. He stated that this created a rift and Al Qaeda under Osama bin Laden sought revenge and blowback against the USA by attacking the twin towers.

+44 (0)7786 952037
Twitter: @TonyGosling
“Capitalism is institutionalised bribery.”
“The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community” Carl Jung

Fear not therefore: for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and nothing hid that shall not be made known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in the light and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops. Matthew 10:26-27

Die Pride and Envie; Flesh, take the poor’s advice.
Covetousnesse be gon: Come, Truth and Love arise.
Patience take the Crown; throw Anger out of dores:
Cast out Hypocrisie and Lust, which follows whores:
Then England sit in rest; Thy sorrows will have end;
Thy Sons will live in peace, and each will be a friend.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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One Response to Thoughts regarding the 68th Anniversary of the Bombing of Dresden

  1. Chris says:

    Many years ago, in the 1970’s I worked with a Polish man that was in the Polish section of the RAF during WWII. He was on the Dresden raid, I think he was in wave 26? Whilst they were going towards the target they could see the other bombers returning from another wave.

    He was a Navigator and said you could see the sky lit up by the bombing from about 25 miles from the target.

    As his bomber got closer the crew witnessed cars rolling over and trees being uprooted by the firestorm. They were flying at between 10,000 to 15,000 feet, as high as the bomber could take them. The engines were on full rev. He felt the floor of the aircraft and it was hot due to the convex heat from the firestorm!

    Having been on numerous bombing raids, he had never seen a sight like it. Flares weren’t necessary as the entire ground was lit up by the flames. He said there were bombers at all levels, how bombs didn’t drop on other planes was a miracle.

    Sadly he didn’t show any feelings of emotions towards the innocent victims he was bombing. I found that difficult to take.

    Nowadays, if a bomb goes off in a city they say it will affect the survivors for the rest of their lives. To think civilians in target zone cities during WWII had horrors, on a nightly basis, for six years! I think we are still suffering the after effects with following generations today.

    During WWII my Mother lived in, what is now, North London. It was an industrial area so was a target zone. She said when the bombers came over and dropped a stick of bombs, they used to count them as the explosions came closer. They were usually in sticks of six. She said if you counted lower than six and a bomb exploded very close, everyone held their breath. The next bomb could be theirs. When the next bomb landed the other side of them, they knew they were safe, but only for a short time.

    Mum was also strafed by aircraft when she was on her way to work. It was a regular occurrence. We can’t imagine what it was like, knowing every day could be your last. Doodlebugs were also another deadly weapon, especially if the engine cut out when it was over you, as it did with my mum! The explosion blew her across the road but luckily she survived.

    Innocent people in Germany also suffered horrendous raids by bombers built to carry much larger quantities of bombs. Dresden though stands out; there is no comparison. It was designed to kill civilians. Today we can’t imagine the horrors those people went through. My heart goes out to them.

    I once spoke to a lady that went on a student exchange to Hamburg in the late 1950’s. She said the city was full of disabled people with horrific burns. Most of the facilities were for disabled people as there were so many. She also said a vast number of people had terrible nerves. Whilst on public transport it was a common sight to see people with uncontrollable shaking and nervous twitches.

    They are the hidden victims of war. The people you DON’T see in the Hollywood extravaganzas!

    There are two versions of WWII, the Hollywood version and what actually happened. Sadly the vast majority believe the Hollywood version!

    It’s the responsibility of the post-war generation, German and British, to cut through the Hollywood hype and reveal the truth. It’s the greatest honor we can give to the many innocent victims of war but most of all our parents that suffered during that war.

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