The War, the Truth and the New York Times

With thanks to David Soori:

“An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation,
nor does truth become error because nobody sees it”: Mohandas Gandhi

The War, the Truth, and the New York Times
Anwaar Hussain

So finally the truth is acknowledged by the mother of all main stream media, the New York Times…Truth told late is worse than a murderous lie is all that one can say to the NYT. It is a dishonest admission coming rather late for a million plus human beings. The icing on this deceitful piece of reporting is the ending of the Op-Ed. It says, “We cannot say with certainty whether Mr. Bush lied about Iraq. But when the president withholds vital information from the public – or leads them to believe things that he knows are not true – to justify the invasion of another country, that is bad enough.” BAD ENOUGH! Did I read it right? Thatʼs it? BAD ENOUGH! Would you believe it? A million murdered Iraqis, 4000 dead US soldiers, obliterated Iraqi cities, DU shot-up environment, countless crippled and maimed human beings, innumerable shattered lives and how does the NYT express its outrage; by calling it ‘bad enoughʼ? “Sorry mommy, I just killed a million people.” “Thatʼs bad. Donʼt do that again, now eat your spinach” eh? Bad enough!?…

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